Pastoral Team

New Hope currently serves you and the members through the Pastoral Team. They’d love to get to know you – come on by!

Assistant Pastor – Celestine & Leonard Olive

Celestine Olive has served in many different ministry functions since being ordained a deaconess 19 years ago. She has been married to Leonard Olive since 1973 and they have two sons, Phillip Olive and Eric Olive, a daughter-in-law Michele, and three grandsons, Trenton, Eric II, and Cameron. Leonard presently serves as head of our ushering staff and uses his skills as a graphics artist for many New Hope projects.

Celestine was ordained an Elder on July 1, 2007 and commissioned as an Assistant Pastor. She previously served on the Pastoral Advisory Council for ten years for three different pastors, and for seven of those years also served as Church Treasurer. She now serves as a member of the Financial Advisory Team and facilitates New Hope Women’s Fellowship meetings. She presently works full-time for our Denomination, Grace Communion International, in the Accounting Department.

Celestine has enjoyed being involved in music most of her life, having studied piano and voice with both private and university instructors. She presently serves as the Director of our Music and Worship Arts Ministry and has been Conductor of the New Hope Praise Choir for the past ten years.

She would be more than happy to assist you in any way and can be contacted at (626) 794-6107, or by email at

Assistant Pastor – Fred and Maryann Stevens

Fred and Maryann Stevens live in Arcadia with their two teenage sons. They have been active members of our fellowship throughout their marriage of almost 20 years. Both Fred and Maryann have served in various ministries including Pastor’s Advisory Council, Children’s Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry and Member Assistance. They both currently serve on the Advisory Council for Spiritual Enrichment Program (SEP) SoCal, a week-long summer camp dedicated to showing God’s love to preteens and teens.
Fred was ordained an elder in August, 1983 and has been a baptized Christian for over 30 years. Maryann has been a baptized Christian for over 25 years.

Fred uses his God-given talents of leadership, encouragement and mentoring as a self-employed Training & Coaching specialist.  His devotion to his sons and their activities is what occupies most of his spare time.  He is a leader in the High School Music Club and a Percussion Dad for the World Line percussion group his son is involved in.  He also actively participates in professional associations for Training and Auditing as well as many school and church activities.  Creating memories with his sons is high on his priority list and occasionally this involves jamming with them: Fred on the piano with his older son who plays the drums and bass, and his younger son who plays the guitar.

Maryann works part time and is also involved in PTA, School Leadership Team, Middle School and High School Music Clubs and is secretary for Great Commission Trips, a nonprofit that specializes in short term Christian mission trips for teens and young adults.  In her spare time Maryann enjoys preserving family memories by creating scrapbooking.

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  1. thomas says:

    Dear Servant of God,
    We are glad for your faith and truth which you
    have posted on your website which indicate that God has inspired you
    more about the coming Kingdom. We praise be to
    God because He has a purpose that is why we have been directed to
    contact you to join our local congregation as our spiritual leader who
    can inspire us more because
    our prayer is that we need to grow in the word so that even us can
    spread the word before the second coming of Jesus Christ. He sent the
    first twelve followers because of what He had done;
    having risen from the death he was now back in his place as the son of
    God with all authority over life and death. it is important that
    people to know that he has that authority.

    Mission Statement
    • To teach and preach the word of God without compromise and adulteration
    • To bring spiritual and physical understanding of the word of God
    with the evidence of a changed lifestyle and purposeful action that
    will guarantee practical Christian living.
    • To add values to everyone we interact with through the Good News of
    Christ Jesus.
    • To use every available means to reach the people for Christ Jesus
    • To support poor in the communities and to reach their dreams and
    calling in Christ Jesus.
    hope to hear from you soon.
    Brother Thomas

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